Monday, March 5, 2012

The Pwn Plug

The Elite Pwn Plug
The Pwn Plug is a wicked little white device that looks like a big power adapter. It is actually a mini-computer that is preloaded with a hacker's dream toolbox. It quickly allows an attack to plug into your network and walk away. Leaving this device to infect your network and allow him to have remote access. There is even an "elite" version that can connect to a mobile network and text message you when it is ready. The device even comes with decals to help disguise it as an air freshener or something equally as innocent.

These mini-hacking stations don't come cheap, $770 for the elite model, but that won't deter hackers looking to attack your company for profit. These devices are currently being used by Bank of America and several other banks to test their network security. The devices are winning handily. One bank that hired to inventor to do some penetration testing at their branches asked him to stop after he owned the first 4 branches without any resistance at all. He simply walked in dressed as a technician and said he needed to plug the device in to check for power fluctuations.