Friday, February 18, 2011

A deep look into US Military and CyberWar

Arstechnica has a (long) story up about HBGary and how they wrote backdoors for the US government.
This is very interesting look into the Black Ops of computer security. We all need to be aware of what is out there and what is going on.

If you have time give this article a read. If you don't know Ars articles are always well researched and written. Warning: It is a 5+ page article.

Back with more when I get time to research what they discuss here.


  1. Well, the government/military computer systems are notoriously insecure, or just have silly levels of security, so this doesn't really surprise me.

  2. I heard the US government might have been behind Stuxnet, brings a new meaning to hacking there lol.

  3. @ajora, the evidence wasn't solid, but it was looking like it may have been Israelis with help from a US University Research Lab? I don't know, but the evidence wasn't strong that pointed to the US.

  4. Don't have time to read it, but I'm interested in seeing your research about it! =)


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