Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Iranian's Deface American Websites

Voice of America websites and the websites of their affiliates have been DDoS'd and defaced with an image of the Iranian flag and a gun. These hacks have been claimed by the hacker group calling itself the Iranian Cyber Army.  VoA broadcasts radio and tv internationally and these attacks come along side the protests tearing through the middle east. 

Source: Ars Technica

It is believed that the attack's are an attempt to make all the protests look like American propaganda and help prevent Iranian revolts. There is a lot of interesting changes happening in the world right now, and we all need to keep an eye out of what's happening so we can be prepared for future attacks.


  1. I would claim propaganda as well. who knows it might of been the U.S. itself creating a hype in believing these types of things. it just shows you how vulnerable our internet is.

  2. Two things can happen, the flames will smolder, or turn into a bushfire.

    Only time will tell. I wonder what the "Cyber Army" used...

  3. I wonder how all of this revolution will turn out? What does it all mean for the future in the middle east?

  4. We live in the cyber war age, dont we?


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